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The GBSA Racing Team promises to be among the most competitive on Narragansett Bay. 
  • All racing classes, with the exception of 420 Green Fleet, are 8 weeks long and meet 9:00AM – 4:00PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Wednesday off).
  • All sailors are eligible to join the team racing team, which is a separate Wednesday program. 
  • With the exception of 420 Green fleet, all sailors must supply their own boat.

Opti Green Fleet

420 Green Fleet

Students on this team have graduated Opti Beginners the basics of Opti Racing. Opti Green Fleet sailors are highly encouraged to accompany their peers and coach to compete in the green fleet regattas organized by NBYA.

Age: 10 – 13 years old (dependent on child’s size)

Students on this team are either graduated Opti racers or other 15+ year olds who have been recommended from other beginner programs. Sailors on this team register as individuals (not by the pair) and will learn how to sail and 420 and how to race.

This class is required for all new GBSA 420 sailors. Acceptance to the 420 race team is at the discretion of racing staff and the program director.

Opti RWB Race Team

420 Race Team

This program is for sailors who have completed one summer of Opti Green fleet and want to continue to race competitively. Sailors are organized into different fleets by age, but practice together.  Opti Race Team members are expected to attend NBYA regattas.

Age: 10 – 15 years old

Required Experience: Opti Green Fleet (or experience racing Optis at another club)

This program is for sailors who have been selected from the 420 Green Fleet or are experienced sailors from other clubs. 420 Race Team members are expected to attend NBYA regattas.

Age: 14 – 18 years old

Required Experience: 420 Green Fleet (or experience racing 420s at another club)

Opti and 420 Team Race Wednesdays

This is a special team open to all Opti RWB and 420 Race sailors. Sailors practice team racing, a different style of racing. This class is separate from the Opti RWB and 420 Race classes and is a great option for sailors who are looking to improve their team race skills and get another day out on the water.  

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