420 Green Fleet

The 420 Green Fleet is designed to teach students basic 420 sailing and racing.

 All new 420 sailors join the green fleet before being eligible for joining the 420 race team. 420 green fleeters sail GBSA boats. All sailors join as individual members-- coaches pair students to sail with one another. At GBSA, we believe it is best for students at this level to sail with multiple partners and learn both skippering and crewing.

420 Green Fleet

420 Green Fleet

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Meets: M Tu Th F, 9:00 - 4:30. ***NO WEDNESDAYS***

 Students may also elect to join the Keelboating Class,  which meets every Wednesday. This is a separate open to all 420 sailors. 


The racing staff will be evaluating pairs in this group at regular intervals to guide instruction, find the right fit for each sailor, and gauge mastery of basic skills. Acceptance into the 420 race team will be at the discretion of the racing staff and program director. Further, 420 Green fleet sailors compete in NBYA events on an invitation-only basis at the discretion of the racing staff and program director.


**The class is offered in 4 week and 8 week blocks, however, it is strongly advised to register for the full 8 week season.**

10 Water St., East Greenwich, RI  02818