Opti Beginers

Time to start sailing solo! This class is offered in 4 week blocks and is designed to introduce students to a new dinghy, the Optimist, as well as improve their basic sailing skills. Students will start off in pairs and, later, sail alone. Students will improve upon the foundational skills they learned in Beginners.

Age: 9 – 13 years old

Required Experience: Beginners + instructor recommendation

Times: M-F, 9-12 OR 9-4 (additional fee)


Graduation requirements:

  • At least 4 weeks of Opti Beginners (completion of 8 weeks is strongly recommended)

  • Demonstrated confidence and competence in singlehanded sailing

  • Demonstrated confidence and competence in key skill areas (listed above)

  • Recommendation by Opti Beginner instructor


Next steps:

  • Age 10 – 13 + instructor recommendation: Opti Green Fleet (Students must demonstrate a desire to learn to race)

  • Age 13+ and instructor recommendation: Keel Boat or 420 Green Fleet


Typical timeline: 1 – 2 summers, 8 weeks each. Varies depending on size, age, maturity, confidence, and skill level of sailor

10 Water St., East Greenwich, RI  02818