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The 420 race team consists of members who have shown their coaches that they are committed and able to compete at a high level.


Sailors on the 420 race team have demonstrated their strong (1) boathandling, (2) trap and spinnaker skills, (3) knowledge of racing rules, and (4) strategy and tactics.


New 420 sailors looking to join the 420 race team are expected to sail with the 420 Green Team to work up to this goal. The 420 race team benefits from adding qualified, younger sailors who have come up through the green fleet program. Both 420 racers and green fleeters are encouraged to join the open team race team, which is a separate Wednesday program.


420 Racers spend the most time on the water and have the most rigorous training and practice (see below)


  • 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, M Tu Th F. Students may also elect to join the Team Race Team, which is a separate Wednesday program.
  • In the morning practice, boats are expected to be rigged by 9:15. Some sailors may need to arrive earlier to meet this standard.
  • 420 Race Team members are expected to attend NBYA regattas and strive to attend regional/national regattas
This team is also the most demanding for parents (thank you!!). Coaches ask that parents attend the scheduled race team meeting to discuss the calendar for the season (dates TBD) and volunteer to help load and transport boats, sailors, and gear. If you do not know how to trailer boats, we will teach you!


**Boat requirement: Pairs of sailors must supply a private boat. Any materials required for the maintenance of privately owned boats (sheets, pins, rigging, etc.) is provided by the boat owner. Note - Please do not store boat at EGYC outside of June and September.


Helpful info for registering for regattas:

  • Division 1 sailors: neither skipper or crew may reach their 16th birthday in the calendar year.
  • Division 2 sailors: neither skipper or crew may reach their 19th birthday in the calendar year.

420 Race Team

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