Sailors are introduced to the fundamentals of sailing in our Hunter 140′s. This class is offered in 2 week blocks and is designed to teach students the basics of sailing, including rigging/derigging, docklanding, upwind/downwind sailing, basic seamanship, among other skills.


We highly recommend signing up for back to back sessions :) 


Age: 8 – 12 years old
Experience: No prior experience or very little


Graduation requirements:

  • At least 4 weeks of Beginners
  • Demonstrated confidence and competence in key skill areas (listed above)
  • Recommendation by Head Instructor
  • Desire to continue to learn


Next steps:

  • Age 9 – 13: Opti Beginners
  • Age 13+: 420 Green Fleet or Opti Racing
  • Dependent on student's physical growth year to year


Typical timeline: 1 – 2 summers, 8 weeks each. Varies depending on size, age, maturity, confidence, and skill level of sailor.

  • Cancellation Policies



    GBSA’s operational budget is entirely based on the tuition we collect each season. As a non profit, we aim to keep enrollment costs as low as possible while being able to fund our operation from year to year. As such, we can only offer limited refunds for customers in specific cases. Please read the policies below for more information and contact the Program Director at with any questions.


    Request for a refund for complete cancellation due to non-emergency reasons:

    Request timeline


    From registration opening - March 31st

    100% refund

    March 31st - June 1st

    50% refund

    After June 1st

    No refund can be provided


    Please note: We will not process any refund requests for sailors who miss less than ½ of their class days. We do not prorate for any missed sailing time. You may contact the Program Director to inquire about setting up a make-up day, but this is not guaranteed.


    Request for a refund due to an emergency: Please contact the GBSA Treasurer at and explain the cause for cancellation. We will work with you to find a fair solution.


    Changing classes: Whenever possible, we will accommodate class changes for your sailor. If we are unable to move your student into another class due to capacity reasons, and you therefore need to unenroll your sailor, we will process requests using the policies outlined above. 


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