Fall Sailing: 420s

Fall Sailing: 420s

This Fall sailing program will be held in two 4 week blocks of  Saturdays. The hours are 9am to 4pm. Sailors must bring lunch with them.


Block 1: August 28th - Sept 18th

Block 2: Sept 25th - Oct 16th


The class will be structured like a clinic and will emhpasize team racing in addition to regular sailing skills. 420 Sailors without team racing experience are more than welcome to join! This will be a good introduction that will lead into high school sailing. 


At a minimum, students must have completed at least 4 weeks of 420 Green Fleet or the equivalent experience at another club. 


This class will be run by Rob Russell, GBSA alum and assistant coach of the East Greenwich HS Sailing Team, Avengers Sailing. 


If you need to use a GBSA boat, a $25 charter fee per person, per block will be assessed. Please make sure you are selecting the right option at checkout. 


Once we have our full roster, we'll email you with special instructions about how to get geared up for Fall sailing! We need a minimum of 4 students to run the class -- if we do not hit that amount within 1 week of the class starting, we will notify you and reimburse you. 

  • Cancellation Policies

    If classes are cancelled due to bad weather, the class will be rescheduled to that Sunday. If the Sunday is unsailable, you will be creditted the per diem rate based on what you have paid.

    Unfortunately, we cannot prorate for sailors missing any of the days for any reason beyond weather cancellations as determined by the coach. 

  • Withdrawal Policies

    We are not able to process refunds for withdrawals or missed lessons for any reason.


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