Admission into the Opti Racing team requires a recommendation from the coaching staff to ensure your sailor is ready. Opti racers compete in NBYA regattas and may also travel to others out of state. Students may also elect to join the Team Race Team, which is a separate Wednesday program. Students are required to bring their own boat.



Meets: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, M Tu Th F. 

  • In the morning practice, boats are expected to be rigged by 9:15. Some sailors may need to arrive earlier to meet this standard.



Curriculum: Tuning, Tactics, Strategy, In Depth Racing Rules, Protest Prep, Regatta Prep, Team Racing and Sportsmanship


Note - Please do not store boat at EGYC outside of June and September. 


Helpful regatta registration info:

  • ‘White fleet’ = 10 yrs and younger
  • ‘Blue fleet’= between 11 - 12 years 
  • ‘Red fleet’ = between 13 - 15 years 

Opti Racing: Green and RWB


    10 Water St., East Greenwich, RI  02818