Post-Season Beginners (1 Week)

Post-Season Beginners (1 Week)

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This is a special *one week only* Beginner Class. This class is ONLY open to children who sailed with GBSA in summer 2021.


This will be held 5x a week, 8/23 - 8/27 from 3pm to 6pm. 


Students will sail in the Hunters and have a great time exploring Greenwich Bay! 

  • Withdrawal / Cancellation Policy

    We are not able to refund families any amount should they decide to withdraw their child for any reason. 

    If your child misses a lesson for any reason, we cannot prorate the tution. 

    This class will be held rain or shine and will not be cancelled for reasons related to the weather. 

  • Other

    No written evaluations will be supplied at the end of this session


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