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What gear does my sailor need?

• Life Jacket (Personal Flotation Device)

• Sneakers or Shoes (No flip flops or sandals)

• Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen

• Towel and a dry change of clothes

• Water Bottle

• Whistle attached to lifejacket 

• Lunch (for full day students -- can be purchased for $4)


What happens when it is raining or there is bad weather?

We always aim to get as much on the water time as safely possible for our sailors at GBSA. If it is forecast to lightly rain, please send your sailor with a rain jacket or foul weather gear (this can be purchased at many boating retailers). This is when a change of clothes will also be crucial for comfort. If conditions are unsafe (too much wind, threat of thunderstorms, etc.) sailors will remain at the CJ Center and engage in on-shore learning.


Does my child have to know how to swim?

Absolutely! We conduct swim tests at the beginning of each session. Students must be able to tread water without a lifejacket for 30 seconds and put a lifejacket on while they are in the water. As long as your child knows how to swim and is confident about being in the water you can expect they will pass the swim test. Failure to pass the swim test may prohibit your child from going in the sailboats.

Swimming Trainer with Students

If my child misses a class, can they make the class up in another session?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate make-up classes. Our classes typically reach capacity and adding another student would create an unsafe situation for all. If you are considering having your child miss a large chunk of class, please contact PD Paige McClatchy about other makeup options.


We have relatives or friends visiting. Can my child bring them to GBSA for a day?

Unfortunately, we do not allow "bring a friend" days. We need to ensure that classes are at an appropriate size and that students are working towards their sailing competency. Typically, guest appearances by relatives or friends cause unnecessary disruptions.


My child is at GBSA the entire day. What is the lunch schedule?

Lunch is typically from 12-1pm. We offer a catering service through Wild Harvest, a local East Greenwich business. All lunch orders must be placed by 930am and paid in cash. Lunch costs $4. With written parent/guardian permission, students aged 13 and up are permitted to leave GBSA and travel to nearby restaurants for lunch. Students are expected to be on their best behavior on Main Street. Returning late or being mischievous may result in this privilege being revoked. 


Learn to sail in Rhode Island. Summer camp and private lessons available for kids and adults.

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